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Dr. Johanna Prince is a teacher, leader, and mother. She believes in the power of school, and the importance of relationships as the foundation for learning and leading. She teaches graduate courses to practicing educators in educational technology, research, and leadership. She is guided by a desire to inspire agency and advocacy in her students, who can in turn work to create the best conditions for learning in their schools.

She is an advocate for critical pedagogy, and leveraging educational technology tools to support human relationships, not the other way around. She writes and speaks on how we can use educational technology to enhance our pedagogy. She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Maine where she researched how mobile technology can support learning for English Language Learners. Currently she spends her time thinking about digital leadership; blended learning and leading; and how to create a balanced relationship between people, technology, and the natural world.

As a leader in higher education, she seeks to define goals, and empower those she collaborates with to use their talents. As a member of the team she brings her organizational skills, attention to detail, and desire for growth to the work. She works to reflect on both her goals, and align those with team goals for progress towards creating a learning environment where students are seen as individuals.

This blog is a space to share ideas, think online, and begin conversations about creating the kinds of teachers and leaders who are ready to design active and collaborative learning. Please begin the conversation here, or find her on twitter @johannaprince.

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