Thinking about how we instill a sense of play in formal school settings.  It seems that play is associated with time after school, weekends, and summer.  It is important, even essential, to engage in play.  In an interview with Annie Murphy Paul she talks about “evoking” creativity and curiosity, rather than teaching it.  I love this! I hope as a teacher I can work towards this goal of creating space for creativity.

I work a lot with educational technology, and I struggle to figure out how to get students to adopt an attitude of play, rather than perfection.  I read another article today that is an excerpt from The App Generation that was an analysis of different apps.  She used a great framework of apps that foster dependence or independence.  But here is what is great about her framework – the app does not exist in a static state of dependence or independence, but rather is used in a framework that promotes one of these conditions.

Both articles make me realize that fostering curiosity, encouraging play, developing independence, all these are more about creating a context for students to feel safe with these conditions.  The challenge now is to figure out how I can best create this context?