Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with Girls Coding Club!

Celebrating the Day

Today was a fun day to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day with my afterschool Girls Game Design Club.  We watched a short BrainPop Video (About Ada Lovelacewhile we ate snack, and the one girl said “so it is really cool that our girls club meets on this day!”


I was also hoping to have time to use Judy Silver’s (from Gizmo Garden) ideas for celebrating the day but we ran out of time as the girls were having so much fun with their game design.

About our Club

Girls working on laptops
Adding Background Designs (Photo by J. Prince)


We are meeting for six weeks to work in Scratch https://scratch.mit.edu/ on game design.  I have nine girls (Grades 2-5) who are doing amazing work creating, coding, and debugging their own programs. They are laughing and helping each other find tricks, new ideas and celebrate the work being done.

I have found these tutorials really helpful https://scratch.mit.edu/help/videos/ and the Help panel within Scratch has also been great for the girls to use to be independent as they move forward with their work.

Most girls are working on some variation of a two-sprite game with sound effects like the following:

Learning Together

We are in week 4 of the club, and already these awesome girls are teaching me about their creativity, persistence, and desire to find new ways to play with the tools. Their energy is wonderful, and the hour passes quickly each week.  Next week all girls will finish their simple games, and join those who have already begun coding a hide and seek game.

Slowly, we are working together to ensure that we change the fact that only 14% of the High School AP Computer Science test-takers in Maine are girls (Code.Org Maine Facts), and boosting the overall interest in the field towards a new future

Girls smiling while coding
Having Fun – Image by J. Prince

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