EdCampWME & Andragogy

I am currently teaching EDT 520 Methods of Teaching with Computer Technology, and finalizing Unit 2 before opening to students.  The central question in the Unit is How does your knowledge of andragogy and pedagogy enhance your ability to leverage educational technology for teaching and learning?  

I love this question.

Early in my teaching career I saw how students naturally loved using educational technology to work on problems in the classroom.  I found technology allowed me to easily differentiate: process, product and content.  I know am seeing the potential for educational technology to differentiate professional development, and empower teachers to be creators of their own learning.

Here in Maine we have movers and shakers in the educational world who are truly making this vision a reality.  Preparing for EdCampWME makes me so excited to be part of this great network of teachers and learners, who are eager to design an awesome future for teaching and learning in Maine.  I feel this movement connects with the principles of andragogy and the control adults should have in creating professional goals, and forming support networks to make those visions come to life.  
I hope to see you at EdCampWME, or another great event.

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