Teaching and learning with #edtech

Pedagogy is the art and science of teaching.  This fall my graduate students are grappling with this central concept.  They are exploring how to harness educational technology to support their goals.  During the first unit of the course my students are engaging with rich media to explore this question, and reflect on their goals for the course.

EDT 520 Teaching and Learning with Digital Ages Methods is the introduction course for the collaborative Masters in Instructional Technology (UM, UMF, USM) are using a variety of tools to create a visual of their current conception of the role of educational technology in teaching and learning.

Visual Explorations

Students are thinking about how they use educational technology as a learner and as a teacher.  They have used Canva, Picktochart, and Storify to try and represent their ideas in visual as well as text. You can view their visuals and notes here: Link https://padlet.com/johanna_prince1/edt520_f16

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