Opening Your Classroom with Twitter and a PLN

Educators are doing amazing things everyday, so why not open the virtual classroom door? Many of use work with a closed classroom door, and the outside world may not be there to cheerlead, or support you when you need it.  Developing a Professional Learning Network (PLN) of other educators who are doing their best work, sharing, leading, laughing, and learning can be a powerful step in your journey.  You can share ideas, ask for suggestions, celebrate hard work and persistence, show the joy of being a teacher with the wider world.  If you are excited by this idea, but unsure where to start, I suggest twitter as a place to begin.  Here are some instructions for how to get started.

Guide to Using Twitter to Build your PLN

Common Abbreviations in Edu Chats

  • Q1 = Question 1 – the moderator uses this
  • A1= Answer 1 – you add when you respond
  • Ts = Teachers
  • Ss= Students
  • As= Admininstration
  • PST = Pre-service teacher

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