Writing a different #edtech story?

As an educator I believe in the value of using educational technology to support teaching and learning.  I advocate that the decisions about when, how and why to use these tools should always be guided by pedagogy (or andragogy) and context of the learners.  I have appreciated the conceptual model of TPACK.  To me the graphic is nice way for educators to look at the situation, and strive to align choices to goals.  Much as been written on the model, and in February a 2nd edition of the TPACK Handbook was released. In Chapter 2 Angeli, Valanides, and Christodoulou tackle some foundational issues about the research to date, and the need for future research.  While I valued the presentation of the conclusion that TPACK was transformative, rather than integrative, I am left at the end of this chapter, as with other readings, feeling like we have yet again diagnosed the disconnect.


I am thankful to be working graduate programs that I hope are building the bridge across the disconnect, and believe that the work will become sustained practice in schools.  How do we continue to build more capacity for teacher leaders and formal leaders to do the same? How can we begin to write a different story?

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