Flipped Graduate Class

Teaching online is a great way to try new methods, and think about a flipped classroom.  One strategy I find works very well for students is the use of short videos.  I use these to introduce the content, explain assignments, or share a landscape post after discussion.

Markers, paper and caseI recently wanted to try a different type of video.  Inspired by Dr. Lodge McCammon’s 1-take videos, I thought I would try an index card video.  I began by compiling my thoughts in a Google Doc, and organizing my main ideas.  Then,  I pulled out my markers, and began making my low-budget slide deck.  I wanted to take the video from above with my phone, but realized that I did not have any way to hold my phone.

Designing the phone holder

This is where my incredibly good-natured and resourceful husband comes into the preparation.

Me: Honey, I’d like to be able to shoot video with my phone while it projects down on the counter.
Him: Sure, we can figure that out.
(Long pause)
Him: Oh, this is one of those times you want to do this immediately
Me: I love you.

Mic Stand and C Clamp

My husband is also a musician and rather handy around the house.  He grabbed a microphone stand, a c-clamp, and minutes later had designed the device you can see above.  I was able to shoot the video, then airdrop to my laptop, and drag into YouTube to share with students.

Finished Video

Overall, I am thrilled with the video, it is short, provides some closure to our conversation from last week, and allowed me to play with a new presentation format.  Anyone else have good tools for recording teaching videos?

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