Cultivating Mindfulness

We are in the middle of a pandemic.

We closed our school building, and have transitioned to remote learning.

It is in this space that I am learning so much about myself as an educator and professional. I have worked in the educator for over twenty years, and always find myself in roles where my work load exceeds the hours in a day.

I am realizing now, in this space where I have far more control of my schedule, that I am responsible for this problem. I guess when I think I about I have always known this, but the quiet and shock of my new pandemic life are allowing me to explore this more fully. It is the perfect moment to join Courtenay from MyTreeYoga in an online course Radical Acts of Maitri. Courtenay is a friend from our years in Switzerland, and since leaving there almost seven years ago I have adored watching her transition into founding her own yoga studio. It is a journey that I have admired. In my role as an educator I have thought about how I connect my own passion for yoga, mindfulness, and community to my professional work of public education. I am in the middle of that struggle. And now I realize that the issue has never been that “I am too busy” it is that I have created too much busyness, and I have chosen to set my own writing, creating, and doing in the back.

This time and space I am realizing is a gift. As I think about my intention for this course, and for 40 days of lovingkindness, I am sharpening my focus on what I hope to make space for. I hope to give space to exploring how I practice mindfulness, and how I bring this practice to my personal and professional life. I hope to create the time to read, think, meditate, and share.

I feel like this intention is still murky and look forward to following in the next 40 days.

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