Teaching Internationally

In 2011 I was offered a job teaching in Switzerland, and we packed up and moved.  It was an awesome adventure.  We were there for two years, and I often now get asked how we make it happen, so thought I would share.

The international season for jobs begins in November and is very busy from then through February.  I’d make sure to be registered with an organization, job fairs, or trolling websites sooner than November to ensure you have the most time for the search.



Questions I’d suggest asking

  • Where will my family be happy?
  • What will my partner and kids do while I am working? What school options or child care options will there be?
  • If my pay is x dollars, how much will be left over after housing, taxes, insurance – is this livable for the area?
  • Will by partner and kids have travel expenses to and from county covered? Will I?
  • How does insurance work? Dental? Eye? Can we see US doctors when back visiting?
  • Where will we live, and will we have support to find a place? Will it be furnished?
  • Can I bring a pet? How? This one was a deal breaker for us, and moving a 100 pound dog was one of the most challenging pieces, but we did it!
  • What is the visa situation? Can you stay in country year round? Will you have support with the visa process?
  • What will we do with our house and stuff in the US while we are gone?

Feel free to contact me if you have other questions.  The adventure was amazing, and so worth all the work of making it happen?

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